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An essential accessory to give the pulse and rythm while playing didgeridoo
It will accompany you everywhere and will become indispensable to work on your playing precision and pace.
It can easily fit on any didgeridoo thanks to the Velcro leach. No More risk of damaging your instrument by clapping the rythm on it.
The ClapDidg has a resonnant and soft sound. It allows to play with subtlety and has several possible sound variations. With the help of a small foam block (provided), the Clap didg transforms into Clic didg by plugging one end of the resonance box.

Different models are available depending on the wood used and the strap
French wood - Dimensions: 15 x 4 x 3cm

Each of my didgeridoos has a custom-made carry bag with a balanced double handle.
They are lined inside with foam and a reinforcement to the bell.
A small pocket allows to store a small protection pad, to use  to place the didgeridoo on the floor.

These handmade covers are unique and are made corresponding to each instrument's caracter.


The carry bags

The mouthpieces

Made of turned wood, they are more hygienic than waxes and can be cleaned with soap water.
Made to measure, my mouthpieces adapt to all types of didgeridoo and allow a good playing comfort.

For any request for a wooden mouthpiece on your didgeridoo, do not hesitate to contact me.

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