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The Evoludidgs

Modular and evolutive didgeridoo, the Evoludidg is a high-end instrument allowing the realization of very long didgeridoo, often difficult to transport. It consists of a body and extensions, which are joined by threaded stainless steel parts. The extensions can also have different characteristics and give didgeridoos with distinctive features within the same body.

Many set-ups are possible and I am entirely at your disposal to advise you before a personalized order.

Evoludidgs are only available on order.

There are 2 generations of Evoludidg:

The first generation  gives very versatile and quickly accessible didgeridoos. They usually offer a fairly dynamic game allowing a perfect transition from drone to overtones. The body essentially determines the main characteristics of the whole and the extensions can offer different flexibility in terms of playability between each extension.

Evoludidg 1.0

Evoludidg 2.0

The second generation has larger stainless steel parts, which makes it possible to hang up the body and make possible significant differences between each extension. The whole instrument in its carrybag becomes all the more transportable.
For example, with the same body, it is possible to make a narrow and conical E (Mi) extension, giving a dynamic didgeridoo and an open and fairly straight D extension, giving a very crystalline and resonant didgeridoo.

The didgeridoos

My "classic" didgeridoos are unique in sound and aesthetics.I do not want to reproduce the same air column each time, which allows me to adapt and customize a didgeridoo according to the player's will.
the creations may vary, Depending on my wood stock of the moment, and by taking inspiration from the veins and wood defaults.
Each didgeridoo is sold with its own original custom made carry bag.
For each order, i will ask for a lot of details, concerning the pitch and tone, the choice of the wood, the overall size and measures, sizes of bell and mouthpiece, as well as pictures or videos to help for the inspiration, you ar welcome to pass by in my showroom to have a go to some of my own creations and share some good vibes

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